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2019-2020 HIGH SCORES
Men Series Prize   Men Game Prize   Ladies Series Prize   Ladies Game Prize

Dave Ferguson

822   Bob Davidson

  Christi Aguilar


  Candice Ailport 287
Ryan Delap 805   Brandon Boone

  Sheryl Elen 683   Sheryl Elen 262
Brandon Tuttle
793   Bob Dye 300
  Marji Bovey 673   Christi Aguilar 258
Pat Othick 786   Kevin Chamberlain
  Candice Ailport 670   Alicia High 257
Dale Peterson
784   Pat Othick
300   Nikki Dvorac 662   Maria Shrock 256
Andy Johnson 781   James Black 300   Hannah Sanders
661   Nikki Dvorak 249 wall of fame
Kevin Chamberlain 779   Matt Baskett 300   Alicia High 640   Dawn Scott 247 wall of fame
Michael Jenkins
777   Marty Cocking 300   Katie Likes 625   Hannah Saunders 247 wall of fame
Will Simmons 776   Tai Garrett 300   Catherine Escalante 613   Molly Bullock 247 wall of fame
Bob Davidson 771   Rodney Goodwin
300   Ingrid Klock 612   Joanne Smith 246 wall of fame
Matt Williams


  Amanda Burton
wall of fame
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