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Synthetic Lanes

Our all new synthetic lanes are state-of-the-art bowling technology!

As expected for new lanes, the “back ends” have your ball roaring into the pocket after sliding a bit further at the start. Early returns for scores were fantastic and Glacier Lane bowlings are racking up the 300 scores!

The Miller's kept the wood approaches and that is a BIG PLUS for bowlers as there won't be the problems that have plagued synthetic approaches - namely - sticky approaches.

Why this improvement? As usual, technology is overtaking the classic "wooden" lanes. Most houses are now installing them since they are long-lasting and easier to maintain.

But what does this mean for the bowlers? Is it going to affect our game?

Synthetic lanes share pros and cons with wooden lanes. For example, on wooden lanes, some of the oil will absorb into the lanes, but, on synthetic, for the most part, the oil will just move further down the lane. For most conditions, the lanes may seem to have strong back ends. You will have more consistent shots and you won't be adjusting for the oil being absorbed into the lanes.

Expect great scoring and very consistent lane conditions on these fully synthetic lanes. You will be able to maintain your ball speed rather than speeding it up as the night goes on to compensate for drier conditions. Synthetic lanes tend to give you a lot of early skid and snappy back ends.

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Old lanes are stripped for the last time.   This is what the "heads" have looked like for a long time. Another Picture of the OLD lanes. Preparing to work on the pin decks. . Taking out the gutters and bumpers
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Gutters removed Gutters removed More gutter work        
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Finally - out with the OLD!     Lanes 1 thru 3 "heads" are gone.   Carrying out the old lanes.  
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Steve had never seen what was underneath the lanes.    A "head" turned upside down. The crew at work.     No Pin deck!
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The Pin decks without the deck. Pin deck area...... Another view of work on the pin decks.... The new heads. New lanes.  Compare with the picture 3 and 4.  You can see the difference!