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Bob Rae
Bowling Instructor
(425) 776-8819

Steve Miller
Steve Miller
Resident Pro Bowler
A Large Variety of
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Staff Professionals
on our Wall of Fame
Steve Miller
PBA Professional Bowler
Ongoing 300 Games
Larry Miller
BPA Professional Affiliate
Ongoing 300 Games
Tuffy Miller
299 High Games
844 High Series
Jeremy "Jay" Miller
300 High Game


Custom Fitting & Drilling We practice the highest standards and expertise in merchandising, instruction, ball fitting, and drilling!
We are a full service Pro Shop, ready to serve YOU!
  • Professional custom fitting, drilling by experienced
    ball-drilling professionals
  • Free professional advice on choosing the right equipment
    for any lanes
  • Ball resurfacing and cleaning
Large selection of bowling equipment... if we can't get it, they don't make it.
Authorized Dealer for:
  • AMF
  • Brunswick
  • Cobra Products
  • Columbia 300
  • Dexter
  • Ebonite
  • Faball/Hammer
  • Forrest Enterprises
  • Linds
  • Master
  • Robby's
  • SportsTec
  • StrikeforceKR
  • Storm
  • ThumbThing
  • Track
  • Turbo 2-N-1
  • And many other fine companies!!
We're a fully outfitted Pro Shop.
Visa, MasterCard, American Express Visa, MasterCard, and Discover gladly accepted!

Bowling Instruction

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Professional Coaching!

We've been teaching generations of bowlers.

We're always here for tips and tricks...

And, if you're ready to get serious about improving your game or aiming to make our Wall of Fame, ask about our Private Lessons, available by appointment!