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Spot Bowling
To be successful at bowling, one must be consistent in delivery and approach. There are several styles of bowling that enable you to bowl consistently. Spot bowling is probably the easiest to master.
  • A spot bowler uses a target arrow or some other well defined spot as a guide to the strike pocket.

  • Any "spot" on the lane may be used as this target, however a spot within the first 15' of the lane is easier to hit.

  • Merely hitting the spot does not insure success, so it is important to sight line each delivery.

  • Draw an imaginary line from the center of the body to the foul line.

  • Then draw an another imaginary line with the shoulder, target spot and pins included. Face the toward the pins, walk fairly straight and swing in line with your target.

  • As you walk to the foul line these two lines should not cross.

  • This will help keep your swing in a straight line, and accurate.