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Mental Game
A bowler's mental game is perhaps the biggest road block to improvement in ones game. Bowlers tend to become depressed or angry at their bowling. It is especially difficult since improvement is rarely quick, and to see a dramatic improvement is rare. As with other sports and in life improvement in bowling is often in stages with long pauses in between.

Becoming too excited, or over-thinking the game are also common problems faced by many bowlers. On the other hand, others will lack enthusiasm and motivation.
Bowling Always Means FUN
Once you feel bowling became upsetting or boring this is a "blinking neon" sign that you need to change your mental game.

Every time you bowl you should be faced with a different set of challenges. The conditions will be a little different, you'll be different, the pin action may be a little different. This is the challenge and the fun of bowling. Its important not to get so involved with improving your game that you forget to enjoy it.
Be Confident
As your bowling skills increase, so will your confidence.

This can only be achieved through practice, developing a reflex action, and muscle memory. It is not something that comes over night, and you need to handicap yourself and know your limits.
Be Positive
You are what you think, You do what you tell yourself to do.

Think positively while bowling, do not focus on the negative aspects of your game. Use positive reinforcement, and encourage yourself as well as others while bowling. The happier you are, the easier it comes.
Use Mental Imagery
Mental imagery is usually bits and pieces of your memories.

It is important to think of positive mental images that aid in you in your bowling. Go step by step of the proper approach and follow through using mental imagery. Think about your ball hitting your target, and its result. Using this mental imagery will help you relax and reach your goals.

Be careful, not to think about any goals while bowling as it can add unnecessary pressure. Its good to dream about bowling a 300 or a new high series before bowling, but it is essential not to think about these goals while bowling. Concentrate on your approach, release, ball's reaction, and adjustments and your goals will follow on their own!