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Bowling Etiquette
Before you even get to the lanes you should be aware of Bowling Etiquette. Sportsmanship, consideration and plain common sense are important to any sport and bowling is no exception. Here are a few suggestions to follow while on the lanes:
  • Be prepared to take your turn on the lanes.
  • Take your time but don't waste everyone else's due to useless posturing.
  • Don't go up onto the approach if a bowler is aiming or taking his shot on adjacent lane.
  • Stay in your own approach area.
  • Don't use another bowler's Equipment without permission.
  • Control your emotions. Don't make excessive noise, and allow every bowler the courtesy of making their shot without any distraction.
  • Don't carry refreshment onto the approach area.
  • Play to win but be gracious in defeat.
  • Respect all Equipment as if it was your own property.